ok, i have a honda 400ex 4 wheeler, i bought it from a guy that put a yz400 motor in it.. he says he put a 426 sleeve in it then put a 444 big bore kit.. the bike is hard to get started. he told me to put a yz450f decompression cam in it, and it would help... is thisa true? would it run better/worse? what do you reccomend doing? any performance add ons to get easy cheap power?



wow. That sounds bastardized. The older YZ400's were tough to start in the first place. I would start by checking your valves for proper clearence. When mine got off it wouldn't start unless I pull started it. The cam will make it easier to kick, but you might have other problems.

I hate it when people call there quads a "bike." :worthy:

Yes, a 450 cam will probably help you. There is a huge thread at the top of this forum that has all the answers to your questions.

The cam will help with starting,but mostly what will help will be getting the carb right.

Keep an eye on the counterbalancer cam drive keyway. They liked to eat the keystock. The OEM key is a tad too short to begin with also. Just an FYI.

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