400 vs 426 bottom

Is it possible to bolt up a 426 jug to a 400 bottom end and have a 426? Or is this just not possible. Im doing a rebuild and have an extra 426 jug and it got me thinking...

Need a 426 crank...or at least connecting rod. The small end bearing is bigger on the 426.

I just did this conversion, I think there was some decent info in my thread if you can find it...Birdy is right though, need a 426 crank assembly or con rod...depending on what parts you're getting from where, you may need other things too...

I did just that. My bottom is WR400 with a YZ426 jug, Wiseco 13.5 to 1, 95mm piston and around 4000 miles on the motor now. Still runs new.

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