Pigs in the snow?

I can dig up an older shot or two of my XR600 doing a wheelie on ice....

I'll put them in my garage, and let you know when they get there.

Have fun, everyone.

Update: Found one decent shot....look for it, in my garage XR600. It was an '86, and I made it look like an '87 just for grins. I did a total rebuild, including head work, White Bros cam, and higher compression piston. The thing was a rocket, and sure a lot of fun to ride. I sold it, once I bought the XR650L, that's also in my garage area.

Yep, I ride my pig in the snow every year. There comes a point when its no fun. That point is usually somewhere around 9 - 12 inches. Also when the weather temporarily warms up and then freezes again it will develope a sheet of ice under the surface in places. That is no fun either. Other than that snow riding is a lot of fun. I found the Maxxis IT is a decent snow tire. I don't think much of it in most other conditions but have to admit in the snow it digs down and grabs nicely.

Riding in snow is a pain. Going up if tough, reving the hell out of it as the wheels spin with little air on the radiator = hot engine. Shut it down to rest - hard to start. Then going back down is worse - front end has a mind of its own.

For a mile or so in <12 - inches - fine. Anything more sucks. Just my opinion. Tried twice with the same experience.:thumbsup:

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