Rear shock trouble

I have a 99 wr 400 and my shock bottoms out all the time- even with the comp. screw all the way in!!. I weigh around 200Lbs. and should change the spring at the same time.

Any recomendations on a rebuilder or replacement?

could have lost it's charge.

Go for a rebuild/revalve/re-spring (if necesssary)

:) Your shock must have lost it's charge, I wiegh in at a bit more than you (assuming a UK pound is the same as a US one!) and up to press I have had no problems with the shock at all! This includes MX track use and trail. :D


The 99 WR came stock with .46 fork springs and 5.0 stock shock spring. You are at the lighter end (200#) for your fork springs, but they should be fine.

The shock spring is too light, I would reccommend a 5.4 for your weight.

The guys are correct about the possibility of your shock losing its charge. Did you notice the bottoming effect recently, have you noticed any fluid under the bike when its parked or is the botom of the shock look wet.

When a shock looses its nitrogen charge, now the oil is no longer under pressure. When the oil is pressurized, it creates more pressure on the seal lip to ensure a better seal around the shock shaft.

The easiest way to tell if a shock lost its charge is to remove the shock from the bike. Remove the spring from the shock and compress the shock. If there is substantial resistence compressing and enough force to rebound the shock, you might be ok.

I would reccommend having the shock serviced, if it has more than a year riding, it needs the fluid changed. After a while the fluid starts to oxidize and this releases a gas, now we have gas bubbles mixed in with the fluid. When gas bubbles go through the valving they offer little if any damping.

If your shock still has a charge, this is probably what has happened to the fluid. You will notice alot of bottoming and a fast rebound condition. Kind of like a pogo stick.

Take Care, John

It has been slowly getting worse. It pogos bad, but I can control some of the rebound with the clicker...the compresion clicker is maxed out.

Thanks all for the info.


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