RE: My Baja Designs Issues All Resolved

Just wanted to let you guys know my problems with Baja Designs is now solved. They sent me a YZ fender with new plastic liscense place bracket and led light and it all fits perfect, unlike the post someone said here earlier, looks like he had his mounted too far back, with the light tucked under the fender it all lined up good and bolted on fine. They also sent me a new signal light switch with a wiring harness with two relays to cure the high current draw problems. ( but they are still working on a high current switch). The new 07's only have a 35 watt headlight so this wont' be a problem on them or other 35 watt systems. The new fender looks great, will get some pics when i get it all installed (my bike is being modified a bit). Just wanted to keep you guys informed of my progress, I am happy, and i hope BD will help you guys get any issues you have resolved also...............

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