xr650r street sm gearing

Was wondering what size sprockets those of you who have R's motarded for the street are running.

For street use: 15 x 45

with engine tuning: 15 x 42

When you say "engine tuning", to what extent?

What speeds are you getting 15/45 vs 15/42 and how many links is your chain?


Seems like stock would be pretty good as the bike spins up pretty high around 70. I- recently did a 75 mile street stretch in Moab returning from about the same miles of road which took most of the day. It did fine held at what I'd guess was 65-75, but was sure spun up. I'd only go taller gearing if doing a lot of street at sustained higher speeds.

i had 14 48 gearing which is stock for a while. i wanted the bike to cruise a little better at 70 since i am on the highway for a little bit everday on the way to work. so i switched to 15/45 and all i can say is that it killed all the damn fun this bike was. definately cruises better at 70 but doesn't have the go that it had before at all. my bike is uncorked with an edelbrock on it. nothign crazy but it just killed the fun factor. the bike does however do 110+ the speedo kinda jumps around a bit so i couldn't get a goood read. but i am actually going to drop down to 13/48 cause i just think acceleration would be killer and be alot better in the woods which i plan on doing alot more next season. i will keep my 15 tooth sprocket and maybe switch it out when i run with my buddies on st bikes on the day trips and such.

almost forgot i haven't seen a change in gas mileage no matter what my gearing was. all i know is that it isn't much better then my econo car.

with my XRR SM i use 14-44, 158 kmh, with arrow headers, edelbrock carb and Yoshimura exhaust :worthy:

On my bike (XR SM) I have 14/42, that is like 15/45 but it's lighter........

15/40 With edelbrock, full system fmf, k&n, air box cover drilled.

15/40 With edelbrock, full system fmf, k&n, air box cover drilled.

MCB, how is that to ride? What you're quoting is over 22% taller than stock. With adam574 claiming that 15/45 (12.5% taller than stock) "killed the fun" how's *your* fun?!



I'm doing 16/42. It's not killing all the fun. I can still hit second gear and flip it backward if I wanted to. Does 110 easy and cruising 70 - 90 is so easy for it. But I do have 17' wheels and low profiles so there is a lot of gear reduction there. I do ride it on the highway a lot and then switch wheels, tires, and gears to offroad.

Thanks for all the replies. I am running 15/43 or 44 an run mainly secondary roads an some trails/fire roads. I find that friends an I cruise around 70-75 with runs up 100+. Bike pulls great in any gear, first an second will stand straight up if you crack it, clutch 3rd an up you go. Think I'll try a 40 or 41.

My 650r has a Pro Circuit T4, Uni, Edelbrock, and vented sidepanel. In 17" SM config I run 16/44. Fun factor? Yep, I love it. Tried 14/48, 15/48, no joy. I do a lot of interstate and top-end is important to me. 16/44 allows me a 4k cruise at 65mph.

I like 16/44 (with my 17" SM rims) so much I just took delivery of a new 45t. I am switching back to my factory rims and DS tires for the winter and 15/45 with my factory rims will duplicate 16/44 and the 17" SM rims.

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