Info needed on WR 400 wheels.

I have a set of wheels off my wr 400 2000 model that I am trying to sell but I am not sure what other bikes they will fit. I know they will fit on some WR's just not sure which ones. Any help with this would be great.

You can check and go to their parts section. You can then cross reference all year models that you are interested in. Check part numbers for the Hubs and/or Axles to see if they use the same part number. Other than that you would need to measure the axle size, if it is the same diameter axle then you are good to go. Hope this helps.


It fits almost all yamaha!

The front wheels will fit all 98-00 Wr/YZ/YZF. It will also fit 01 and on but the disk will have to be changed. It may also fit the 96 and 97 YZ/WR too.

The rear wheel will like wise fit 99 up to 01 all WR/YZ/YZF. I also believe it will fit the 02 onward but it will require different wheel spacers and maybe a different rear disk. The 98 and eariler wheel is different and it will not fit any bike made before 99.

how much do you want for the wheels?

The 2000 WR400 rear wheel will not easily fit on a 2002 WR400. It has a different diameter brake disc, will require custom spacers and will have chain alignment problems. I have both models thinking that the parts would be a simple interchange and was sadly mistaken.

I am definitely interested in your 2000WR wheels. Send me a personal message with your information.

Hey guys, please don't let this turn into a "For Sale" thread. If you want to negotiate a sale, post it in the classifieds or handle via PM. Thanks...SC

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