suspension for WR450

Can someone explain to me, please, how to adjust the suspension on my WR450. I was told by the salesman I bought my bike from that the suspension on the 2006 WR450 was the same as the YZ450. Is this true? I have an owners manual, however, it doesn't tell the how and why part of making adjustments nor does it say when changes are necessary. If there is some information out there that puts this in terms a first-time bike owner can understand/apply I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

It should be all there in the back of the manual. It explains how to adjust your suspension from what you are feeling when riding your bike.

YZ and WR suspension is different.

There are a lot of variables to consider prior to making adjustments to your suspension. How much do you weigh? What type of riding do you do? Etc. I recommend you have a professional set it up for you, but if you’re set on doing it yourself make small adjustments than ride to test, and go from there.

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