Xrl Dyna Jet Or Dave ?

My current setup:




Uni filter

Dyna Jet kit installed using the 165 main, but I also changed out the pilot to a #55. Works very good.

However, Im just wondering as good as this is, would the Daves carb mod method perform definitively even better ? Forget cost differance.


I started out with the DJ kit then added the 55 pilot with good results but I wanted better,so I did the Daves mods and I feel they were better than the DJ kit. It just seemed to have better quicker response,maybe it was the drilled slide. I still wasn't completely happy so I wen't with the XRs only mikuni flatslide and never looked back. Just the fact that it starts that much easier is enough for me,but it runs better also.

The dyna jet kit is just jets, nothing magic there. Who makes them does not matter.

Dave's mods consist of changing the jets, but also drilling the slide. It that drilling that helps the throttle response.

The one thing that the dynajet kit may have is a richer needle. Dave's mod shims the needle to get a richening effect. If the dynajet kit has a needle, perhaps the best is the kit and a drilled slide.

The DJ needle probably only works well with a DJ jet.

The needle has a very odd taper (more like a step) whereas the stock needle has an appropriate taper.

The DJ taper was a half-ssed way to richen the carb at part throttle without including a pilot jet.


Thanks Dave, ok then does your procedure have a much better result then ? Cuz, Im gonna have to taker her off again if I do it.



Dave All The Way, My Friends Xlr Has The Dyna Kit & A Supertrapp, Mine Has Dave Mods & An E Series, Both Pull Hard Wide Open, Mine Feel Better When Part Throttle Cruising, Plus It Is Cheaper

I said screw the cost factor. Just the performance is all Im interested in. If the the DJ is say a 5 on 1-10 scale, where would the DM come in ? Thats a good way of putting it.

Any other noticable diff between yours and your freind with the DJ kit ?

Starting, idleing, power delivery, hesitation ? Stuff like that.


like i said, mine feels better when your at a part throttle cruise, it is definatly more responsive. let us know how the dyna jet works out

i think my bike just runs right, better

OK, Thanks. Its installed already but I added a 55 pilot to the mix. The front whell lofts in 1st and with some cokesing in 2nd a little. I have the 14t up front too though.

The dyna jet kit is just jets, nothing magic there. Who makes them does not matter.


The DJ kit comes with a softer spring that gives the same effect as drilling the slide, it lets it return quicker!

I have run both and wont go back to "Daves Mods" now that i got my DJ kit in!

Its noticeably better all around with the DJ kit!

The ONE downside of the DJ kit, is that you are correct in their jets work with THEIR needle and not the stocker. For me, this is no problem, my bike is where its at and will be staying there. For people with a lot of mods to their motor it may be a problem!


It's Dynojet people, not dynajet. :worthy:

Drilling the slide made a much bigger difference for me than the dyno spring.


Dave Mod Work Sgreat

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