Copper Canyon Mexico ride

Looking for some riders interested in joining us for an eight day dual sport ride in copper canyon Mexico. We are leaving from Presidio Texas and plan to visit places like Chihuahua,Creel,Batopilas and others. The ride in the canyon is on single and double dirt roads. There is some asphalt getting and returning to the canyon. The canyon is about 5900 feet deep. Bikes can be rented or set up your WR as a dual sport. I am using a wr400 with dual sport 50-50 tires, 15 tooth front sprocket, added break light, license plate and soft saddle bags. Fees include rooms, breakfast, dinner, chase vehicle which carry your stuff and pick you up should you fall. Were leaving from Presidio on May 6th and will return on May 13th. Anyone interested can email me and I will be glad to send you additonal information. Give it some thought.

You have made no mention of dates. When are you leaving. Who is the promoter/guide. I've heard some horror stories, well maybe not horror, but bad reports for sure, for more than one of the guides offering trips to Copper Canyon.

Ah......'May 6th and will return on May 13th...' Sounds like a date to me!

Ooops! :)

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