Will 01 YZ426 forks fit an 01 WR426?

Hey guys, long time lurker, sometime poster. :worthy: Yes, I've searched for the answer and read a lot of informative posts, but I haven't found an answer specific to my year yet.


I'm in the process of acquiring a 99 YZ400 that has 01 YZ forks and rear spring set up for my weight, and my WR still has stock suspension. I'd like to trade suspension components between the two bikes. Going on the yamaha parts sites shows me that the two forks have the first 7 or so digits, with the only differences being a -00 or a -50 on the second subset of numbers. (Sorry, at work now and don't have access to the information.)

I'm hoping someone can tell me definitively that it will work, or it won't work. I'd be very appreciative. :D



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