Hard to start cold

My 98 xr6 is a pain to start when the weather is cold. Once it warms up, no problems. I'm thinking maybe I need to change the pilot jet. Elevation 2500 feet. Stock engine supertrapp exhaust. Any suggestions on jet size. I'm pretty sure the stater is good.

A larger pilot will really help. I'm pretty sure that I have a 68 in mine. I had to remove my choke plate because it was just about to break and get sucked into the engine. I can still start down to 55 or so. Any colder and I have to tip the bike over to flood it some.

I feel your pain. My 600 will not start if the temp is below freezing and it has been on the trailer on the highway. I can kick and kick and kick and all it makes is a quick farting noise and dies.

I've tried: carb full, carb empty, carb half full, all three choke settings with all three carb fuel levels, engine dry, engine flooded, engine kinda flooded, kicking and swearing, kicking and not swearing, waving my fist in the air, and crying. Nothing helps.

Like yours, the bike is a one-kick starter when warm, but the cold just kills it. The only reliable way to start the bike is a 3rd gear bump-start (I can't roll it in 2nd, I only weigh 145lbs). When rolling I make sure to keep the compression release pulled and the kill switch engaged for 15-20 feet before releasing. It's important to make sure the bike starts on the first roll because it's a long push back up to the top of the hill.


One of the things I do is raise the idle speed by turning the Idle screw in a couple of cranks and don't twist the throttle. It still takes a few kicks but it usually works.

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Thanks for the replys, I changed the pilot jet to a 64 from a 58. I was able to start the bike fairly easy but the temperature was around 60. I also bought a 68 pilot just in case. I have not done the air box mod, so I thought the 68 might be too rich.

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