Wheel lacing...any tricks to it?

I think I am going to change over to an 18" rear wheel for better protection in the rocks and also so I can run a trials tire on the rear once in awhile. Might even switch over to black rims :worthy:

Has anybody laced up wheels before? Are there any special tips or tricks to it? How about spokes...recommendations?

i have done some before not to hard at all the spokes come with directions ,its just a little tricky to get the wheel true.good luck.

Start with the innermost spokes on both sides of the hub and lace them to the rim. That way you get no problems with fitting the outer spokes. On each side of the hub you have every second spoke go the same direction - on the rim its every fourth hole. This will help you as a firsttimer. Take a look at the front wheel - the principle is always the same - no matter what wheel it is - except the BMw wheels on heavy twins.

Good luck

Look this over:


Once you've installed all the spokes and are ready to start tightening, use the exposed threads under the spoke nipple as a guide to getting them all run down uniformly. If the threads disappear before the spokes draw up, keep going from that point a half turn at a time until they're all snug. If you encounter a tight one before the wheel is tight, bypass it. It may turn up as loose later on. Once they are all snug, and the wheel is reasonably still round/flat, proceed to run them down to the recommended torque, truing as you go.

If you've got a digital camera or a poleroid-take a couple of close-up pictures before you dismantle the original. you'll be glad you did later...

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