WR426 hotstart handlebars?

My buddy just gave me a pair of ASV levers with the hot start on it and i was wondering what cable i need to get to run from the red knob right beside the carb?

Hi, you need the DR D Hotstart cable, get it here http://www.dubachracing.com/DubachRacing. I fitted one of these to my ASV handlebar bracket but used the ASV lever not the DR D one, easy to fit too. this cable kit replaces the red pull-switch on the carb and once setup correctly works a treat, just make sure the cable has smooth action when turning the bars from side to side and listen for a definitive "click" when you release the lever to check that it is closing properly, you can make minute adjustments on the cable to get perfect operation.



hope this helps? :thumbsup:


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