HotCam in my 650L

I had to replace my stock camshaft, so I went with a HotCam. My top-end was very noisy, so I checked and found the camshaft and rocker arms were in need of replacement. While in there, I also replaced the cam chain and tensioner.

Unfortunately, after putting it back together and starting it up, the top-end is still very noisy. Too noisy. The noise is definitely top-end. (I've checked and rechecked the valves.)

All I can think of at this point is noise from one or more worn valve trains. I don't hear any clicking when I rotate the engine by hand, only when it's running. What could be noisy in the valve train? A broken spring?

Back into the engine again...


hello there..

are you sure your cam chain is adjusted correctly...

Does the L have an auto-decompression dealie on it? Those have a rep for being loud at idle...

Could be a number of things, valve guides, decompression actuator, cam chain. Did you pull the head? valve seats, valves could be worn and the culprit of excess noise? :thumbsup:

For some reason the Hotcam profiles generate more noise too. I know everybody thats put them in a CRF says the same thing. You may want to ask that question at HotCams.

Just put mine in and it's just as quiet as the stocker.

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