Rekluse Question

After reading previous threads im considering getting a Rekluse. I race MotoX and i was wondering what is the best way to do starts with it. Do i stall it up against the the brake or do i just roll it on. Also are they legal.

I have the Rekluse and the rear hand brake kit. Yes I do powerbrake it for the best start. Squeeze both brakes and start raising the RPM's then let go when the gate falls. They pull very well. It will wheelie at any time just like a stock clutch. You could also run the override lever if you desire, I dont run it and am very happy. If you ever have to deal with Rekluse, you will be amazed at their cutomer service and promptness. :worthy:

I just raise the RPM's enough to tighten the chain up. Wait for the gate to drop and wack the throttle open. I haven't been worse than third to the first corner after installing the Rekluse. The auto-clutch definitely hooks the rear tire to the dirt! The are also legal in all sanctioning bodies of MX.

The clutch over-ride in what I use so I can keep rpms high and just dump the clutch when the gate falls. I start in 3rd gear. I have an 04 so I only have 4gears and any gear below 3rd just wheelies too much. I get great starts because I don't have to shift at all on the starts. Those few miliseconds really help.

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