Zip-Ty magnetic plug workin hard!

This thing might be the best $15 I spent on my bike. It catches all of those shavings, and is always workin hard for me. I have about 800 miles, and Im still getting little pieces on the magnet. I dont even want to think about where they might be if not for that plug. Gotta love it. :)

Wayneo I also have a Zip-Ty magnetic drain plug and without a doubt it is the best 15$ I could have ever invested on my bike.

:)Great Post

Ike of Colo


WR426 2001 A few free mods.




Go to Zip-Ty Racing for the plug. As far as your seat /tank, if you want used, I would suggest going over to the YZ forum, and asking around in there. I think you can use a 98 and up tank that will bolt right on. All the hardware worked on mine.

If your looking for a new tank/seat, alot of guys go for the Clarke tank, and an SDG complete seat. The seat is around $70, while the tank is ( I think), close to $175. I actually saw an IMS 3.3 gal tank on eBay a few weeks ago. Good luck!

Wayneo, How'zit brother! Finally recovering from a horrible hard drive failure over the weekend and just now getting back online...ROYAL PAIN IN THE A$$!!!

I think the metal shavings will continue forever, I believe most of it after a while is metalic clutch plate material. My Husaberg was 5 years old and still had a nice coating of shavings each change.

Have a good new year.


The thing I like about it is that it will catch pieces small enough to get through the filter. I have used Ty's plugs for years and won't use any other kind.


Wayno, where to score a zip-ty drain plug? Also searching for a YZ tank and seat. Thanks

Make sure you use the stock thickness sealing washer on your ty plug.

The first ones he did had a too thick washer that encouraged stripping of the cases.

When I bought my bike new, I tried one of those magnetic plugs made by Moose and for some reason it wouldnt thread into the case. Anyone else ever had this problem?

It was for a YZ250 but they told me it would work on my bike. I checked Dennis Kirk and they said the same thing.

Hmmm, might have to try this plug.

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Hey Milkman..fellow Missourian here..I have the Moose magnetic drain plug..bolted right in like factory..this thing has a nice big 14mm head on it that a socket can actually grab..that stocker head rounded off real quick!


You might try using a metric wrench instead of vise grips...bolts last longer. :)

I was at the Yamaha dealer the other day and the parts guy said Yamaha made a magnetic drain plug. Do they? And do they work as good as Zip-Ty Racings?

Im sure if Yamaha is selling a plug, its prob a little more expensive, IMO. The Zip-Ty picks up a pound or so.

If anybody wanys one, or both of my moose "mag" plugs, you can have them. Neither one that I have will stick to my fridge, no less hold any chunks on it. The zip-ty plug will hold a complete cam, so I know it will hold any small chunks floating in the case. Fortunatly I haven't seen anything very big, but when Ty chipped a gear he still finished... Best 15$ for sure!! :)

I had a Zip Ty plug and loved it...had to recently replace it though, the threads are pretty soft and easy to over torque. I cranked the plug in one day and instead of getting tighter it kept gettting easier to turn...I had destroyed the threads, it still worked, but soon began to leak so I put the stocker back in and ordered another...lesson learned: use a torque wrench on these soft aluminum bolts!

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