Question about uncorking BRP

I have swapped out all the parts, but have a question on reassembly of the carb. I've read the Helm Manual, but I want to make sure I understand it correctly.

1. I removed the Main Jet, Jet Holder, Needle Jet Holder and locknut, and Needle Jet.

2. I replaced the Needle Jet with the one that came in the Needle Jet Set, but when putting the Needle Jet Holder and locknut back on, should I keep screwing the Needle Jet Holder til it seats against the Needle Jet Set and then tighten the locknut?

If I'm not using the correct names for the parts, I'm using the names that Service Honda gave all these parts. I'm including the link to the diagram as well if anyone can help.



you need to re- phrase your question............

I'm not sure what your getting at...........

What's the correct way to install the Needle Jet Holder (item #21 in the Diagram)?


I think that you should screw it all the way since these type of jets don't have any adjustment like an iddle or mixture adj. jet or so.anyways be careful with the torque,just screw it in until it lightly seats. remember to specify if "R" or "L" in your posts as the carbs change.....Good luck.

Thanks...I'm going to go back in there and make sure it's seated. BTW - it's a "R"

timvr6 , Welcome to TT....:worthy:

Took the carb back out last night and redid everything.....and it fired up first kick. It's never done that!


Yes, the needle jet holder (aka emucification tube) should be seated against the needle jet. Then the locknut gets snugged down.

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