Where are the reviews on the 07 wr450f???

Why can't I find any reviews on the 07 wr450f. I want to buy one and upgrade from my plated 99wr400 but i want to read the expert reviews on it before hand. Does anyone know if there are any yet. I know yamahas review but i want to see an independant review with details and maybe a comparison to the other new bikes. Can anyone provide links etc to this info? Thanks guys.:worthy:

Excellent question. I've already put my money down, but I can't find anything either.(In english, at least) Maybe you have to subscribe to an online magazine or something. But you would at least think a guy could find a link to it, and choose to subscribe... :worthy:

www.dirtrider.com just posted an article. The new 07 WR450 is awesome...

Yeah, I saw that like two minutes after I posted my reply. D'oh! But I want MORE! :worthy:

Its a short review without details on goods and bads versus other new bikes. Its a quick, send me to Costa rica to test your bike and ill give it a good anitial report to help hype.... I NEED DETAILS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :worthy:

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