Corbin seat?

How much if any does the corbin seat lower the seat height on the dr 650?TIA.

I just got one last week. I haven't measured it, but it seems to lower the rider about 2 to 2.5 inches. But you won't notice a whole lot of difference to where your feet touch the ground, because the Corbin seat is wider. I am very pleased with the comfort of this seat. It actually makes my commute enjoyable again. Unbelievable what a difference it makes. No more Monkey Butt!! :D Also, I have seen posts where people comment that the Corbin seat is ugly. I don't guess I see that.... I think it looks better than the stock seat. Anyway, as good as it feels, I wouldn't care even if it was ugly. :worthy:

Not to thread jack, but do any aftermarket seats raise the seat height?

If all you want is a taller seat, why not have a local upholsterer add some foam to the stock seat? It will be a lot cheaper than buying most aftermarket seats. Also, the wider a seat is the shorter your legs get. I got a Corbin and don't notice difference in height but it is 2-inches wider than stock so my feet are still in the same place.

I wish that my Corbin was narrower at the very front. It spreads your legs (wait a minute, wrong forum) too much and the edge of the seat is stiffer than stock as well.

I just got my Corbin in asphalt black (rough texture) and it seems to be a little lower seat height. At the very front mine is narrow and as far as stiffness goes Corbin explains this in its faqs section.

Can you guys post picture of you corbin seat ? ... I want to see what it looks like :thumbsup:

These pictures are of a "IMS tank version" Corbin on my bike. I ordered it to be made 1/2" taller (thicker). This is because Corbin typically makes their seats an inch or so lower than stock ,and I didn't want to lose too much room for my bad knees. The width at where I sit is 11 1/2". I really like this seat.






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