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ALL Kouba's shipped by Monday, 12/31, 0900

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ALL PAID FOR Kouba's are going out Monday, 0900, E.S.T.

I will post a final list of ALL recipients.

If anyone feels something went wrong, e-mail me @


I DO have a surplus of these things, several of which have been claimed so far:

[YZ Court, Cobra2Go, Rich in Orlando, ???]

I will post these recipients as well.

I MUST wait a reasonable length of time before these FINAL Kouba's are up for grabs, to ensure everybody who ordered one, received one.

Please DO NOT reply to this until the postings are made public on Sunday, 12/30.


If you HAVE received your Kouba, PLEASE LET ME KNOW: ttalkdeals@hotmail.com.

I do have Guy, Mike in S.V. [whose buddy was so impressed, Mike just ordered another one] & gmcandcamoroz as receiving theirs.

Thanks Fellas!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


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Mailed on 12/21/01

Armour, Ben

Banks, Bill

Barnes, Brian

Betschart, Jim

Bowers, David

Brooks, Mike “Too Tall!” “Hey Mikey!!”

Butler, Richard

Cappel, John

Clouse, Bill

Dahl, Jon

Davidson, Andy

Dean, James “Hey Carb King!!”

Dean, Mike

DiSabatino, Steve “Hey Steve!!”

Ebsury, David

Empting, Anthony

Graber, Don

Hoge, Scotty

Kellerman, John

Kandl, Martin

Pictall, Simon

Preston, Guy

Ritter, Helmut “Hey Helmut!!”


Schelesny, Thomas

Tuley, Nigel

Mailed on 12/31/01


Bosh, Brian

Clause, Steve

Beck, Jeff

DeNormand, Richard

DeWald, Jon

Dziuban, Stephen

Ellerman, Eric

Erwert, Tim

Esposito, Mike

Falkiner, Charles

Fugate, Guy

Ingrove, Neil

Hall, Bill “Hey Bill!!”

Hamilton, John

Hendenland, Michael

Hoelter, Steven

Hulse, Bryan “ThumperKing” “Hey Bry!!”

Jarmin, Mike (2 - for you & your "bud")

Kennedy Jim

Krygeris, Robert

Lovette, Corey

Lowery, Bob

Lucero, Steve

Luther, Greg

Lynch, David

Malory, Bill

McCutcheon, Bill

Minyard, Derek

Miyor, Richard

Morin, Mike “Hey Mike!!”

Mullins, Andrew

Nelson, Mattew

Nelson, Mark

Peterson, Matt

Phillips, Sean

Pine, Blair

Powell, Michael

Raaflaub, Fred

Robinson, Michael

Robinson, Pat

Rogers, Richard

S?????, Ron “Hey Ron!!”

Sandy, Michael

Simon, Paul

Sellars, Jay

Severson, Brett

Six, Ursala

Smith, Benjamin

Stevens, Jason

Suggs, Robbie

Theisen, John

Wheeler, Scotty

Winder, Tim

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I got my t-handle on wednesday the 26 of dec. Installed it on thursday evening, and went riding yesterday. It is a whole bunch easier to adjust the fuel screw than it was before but not a one handed gloves on affair(the cam tensioner gets in the way)but still easier.. Thanx


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