XR650R Help?!?!?!?!

I'm looking for any help I can get with an 02 XR650R:excuseme: :worthy:

I took my carb out/apart to clean it and I've got a hose that I can't

find a home for. I can't find a scrap of info on and no place "with in

reach" for it to go. The hose is on the clutch side of the bike just

above and forward of the ACV.

The bike will start and run with the hose capped but once off idle it

falls on it's face. I picked the bike up used and on the orig tires

w/over 50% tread left so the bike has not been ridden just laid down to

the tune of a left radiator <that does not leak. Other than some

scratches and dented radiator the bikes like brand new for an 02. Any

help would be greatful!!

Thanx in advance

Russ:banghead: :D:prof:

I'm not much of a mechanic but if you take a picture of it I can compare it to my xr650r and see if I can tell you where it goes.


Sounds like one of the ventilation/drainage hoses? Those usually dont go anywhere,just point them downwards:thumbsup:

there is a cover on the carb on the clutch side of the bike. The cover faces you the hose faces you just above it and a little left the other hose runs strait up and is closer to the intake.

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