Went back to 2 smokes

I just sold my beloved 426 and picked up an 02 250 2T. I Cali we need green stickers for the woods and the 450's are all red. The 426 was getting a little heavy so I made the switch.

I really love the 2T. Nice and lite and the power is pretty nice too. What surprised me is the torque. It's not all powerband like I've heard. With the easy maintenance I think I will be on this bike for a long time.

ive been looking for a 2t as a second bike for a while now as well. Because like you said of the weight. I still love my 426.

Glad to hear you enjoy the bike after coming of the 426. What also surprised me is that KTM have announced that they are going to continue manufacturing 2T's for the next 5-10 years. Just shows that there might still be a revival of the 2T...

What also surprised me is that KTM have announced that they are going to continue manufacturing 2T's for the next 5-10 years. Just shows that there might still be a revival of the 2T...
Honda, by contrast, has announced it will produce no more 2-stroke CR's beginning in '08. The only "revival" is that guys in the People's Republic of California are hanging onto the '02 and earlier models of everything because of the green stickers. The '03 two-strokes are red, too.

But, of all the 250 pingers, the YZ's engine has, by far, the widest, most usable power curve.

I agree, there is no revival. 2T's are pretty much done for. If the weight comes down on the WR or X models they would be good green sticker options for the future. But for now, they are just too heavy for fast woods riding. California just has to make things hard. At least for me.

KTM will more than likely be the last holdout for the two-stroke. They will continue making them for as long as they legally can. Honda already announced when the are killing the CR two-strokes, Kawasaki already pretty much axed their 125, and it's only a matter of time that the rest of the manufacturer's will follow suit because of how much more money is being generated by the four-stroke movement.

Honda did not make any changes to the cr 2 strokes after they came out with the "case reed" motor in 2002 2003. Besides KTM-husaberg-polaris, yamaha is still doing R&D on their smokers. I hope that they continue to make them. I personally think that they can't be beat in the woods and there are a lot of top level racers that feel the same.

YZ250 is an very good woods bike.

this may be off subject...but shouldnt your former 426 be green sticker too? didnt they change to 450 in 03, hence the last 426 being an 02, and green sticker legal?

please excuse the poor spelling and grammar...im trying to eat a cheeseburger at the same time :worthy:

It is a green sticker bike. Maybe your cheeseburger got in the way of you reading that he was looking for something lighter. :worthy:

I love my smoker - I'm not planning on selling it anytime soon. For some rides it's more fun than my 450. Also, since my buddy with whom I share my site in Ocotillo does not currently have a bike, he has something to ride when he comes out. And since the tranny in his Baja bug is down, he got on it a couple weeks ago and we went for a ride. Since I am just past break in on the 450, I hadn't really opened it up, but I found myself having to just to keep with him on my 250. He was like, damn, this thing is FAST! I gotta get me one! But I wasn't about to offer it up for him to buy - it's too much fun. For me, the thing I still have yet to get used to on the 450 is the torque braking when I ease the throttle. Totally nonexistant on the smoker. I can see why some guys buy slipper clutches though. Probably because they are used to 2 strokes and want to keep that feel.

i moved up to the 426 about 4 months ago from my rm125. the weight difference has not bothered and i really don't notice it...

i kind of do like the powerband of 2 strokes but 4 strokes are easier to ride in general...i love not shifting

Overall I would have to say that the ease of control in the power department is with the 426. It has more torque and it is more predictable. However, I simply was looking for a lighter bike. The 426 is not heavy like a DRZ or XR 600 but compared to the 250 it is heavy. And, I was pleasantly surprised at how much usable torque the 250 has. I can lug it up some pretty steep goat trails. I stay under the power band and it is very controllable. I have no doubt that someday I will be back on a 450 green sticker bike in years to come. They are just going to keep getting better, lighter and faster. But, for now, the WR's are too heavy for the tight woods riding I like to do. Maybe KTM will come up with a workable option. Ouch, did I say KTM.

yamaha will continue with the R&D on their 2-strokes for sure :worthy: let honda be honda, who cares they lost their balls on 2-strokes anyway...

besides, why waste such absolutely nice bikes like the YZ 2-stroke series?

for all we know, this next season, a racer from japan might be mounted on a YZ250 equipped with an EFI (an insiders info) :D

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