XR650L original Keihin carburator questions


The XR650L original Keihin carburator is a pumper carb ? if yes can the pump be adjusted ?




The XR650L original Keihin carburator is a puper carb ? if yes can the pump be adjusted ?



I think you mean a pumper carb...I don't believe that what it has stock though....Come on you "L" riders...


No it is not a pumper carb

Coal Run is correct; it's not a pumper carb. It's a Constant Velocity (CV) carb that uses engine vacuum to operate the slide; and a POS in my personal opinion. Even with mods, it will not perform like a cable operated slide carb with a pump.

it's not a pumper carb, but it's hardly 'a pos ... while not a 'performance carb', you will seldom see anyone posting questions regarding problems with it ... mine has always performed flawlessly, from sea level to 6000', it doesn't exhibit any hesitation, sputtering, flat-spots, etc ... I have no gripes with it whatsoever ... or, you can spend several hundred dollars for an Edelbrock, and post all over the Forum about the troubles you're having with your 'high-dollar, high-performance hotrod carb' ... search the Forum, and see for yourself ... :thumbsup:

You can also spend a couple hundred on a mikuni and just ride. I'm no fan of the cv carb, mikuni is making a pumper now, around $400.:thumbsup:

Does anyone here actually have a Mikuni pumper?

How much do you love it?

I would not call it a pos either,it serves it's purpose rather well and with out any pump problems that go along with the more complicated carbs. A simple carb for a simple bike.

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