'07 CAM cover?

Just picked up a '07 yz450 last night :worthy: And was looking @ how close the cam cover sit's to the underneath the spars on the frame.

Does this cover clear when trying to take off (i.e. checking valves,cam,camchain)or do you need to pull the whole motor:crazy: ?Also getting to the cover hex bolts.Does everything open up(easy to get to) once I take the tank and shrouds off.

I havent do anything yet I was just noticing how compact it is up there

The cover does clear. Removing the top engine mounts opens things up a lot.

Yeah, it is tight in there, also the hotstart cable seems to always be in my way when checking valves

If you find yourself pushing the hot start cable around much, it's probably wise to remove it from the carb. The plastic nut is easily damaged.

yes I've noticed all the same things - it's a tight fit and the cable does get in the way.

Question: I'm reading the manual and it says to check the valves after 5 rides... so I did and sure enough the one is tight and needs adjustment... Anyone else notice this?

Not on mine, but it isn't unusual to find one or two that settled in a little bit. Reshim it and check it again to see if it's done moving. Once it stops settling, it should hold clearance at the same dimension for a very long time.

Also, you should know that Yamaha normally builds the engine with the valves set to the lower limit of the tolerance, that the difference between .10mm and .15mm is less than .002". Finding a brand new engine with a valve .02 or .03 tight is no big deal unless it won't stop tightening up.

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