!!!Newbie Survival Guide!!! - READ THIS!!!

First and foremost, Welcome!!! Thumpertalk and the WR board are always happy to see new members. We look forward to your participation and contribution for a long time to come. We hope you enjoy your visit each time you log on and welcome any and all constructive suggestions.

Now a word about the WR4XX board in particular, without the sugar-coating. As Newbies, I can understand your excitement in finding this incredible source of information, advice and like-minded brethren of the 5-Valve thumper that really started it all way back when. However, I and the seasoned members of this board have some requests of you. Above all, follow the TT rules. I know you probably glossed right over them when you signed up, but you need to go back, re-read them and let them sink in. The First Amendment does not apply here as this is a privately owned and operated sight that actually requires private funds to maintain. As such, the owners require a certain standard of behavior from the members and have entrusted the Mods to make sure these standards are maintained. I, like the other Mods, am very diligent in this respect and will not hesitate to delete, admonish, or simply ban you from participating if you become a problem. Follow the golden rule and the rules of TT and you've got nothing to worry about.

Now a word about posting. Before you post a new question, do the research. There are several sticky posts that everyone should become familiar with, this one included, that have been created to answer the most common questions regarding the WR, its components and how to modify/service the bike. Though no FAQ can answer every question, I've tried to do my best in covering the large majority of subject matter that seems to come up repeatedly. In addition to the FAQ, there is a Performance Index with links to posts and websites containing invaluable information. One last thing...abbreviating in text talk is a giant pain in the butt for anyone reading it. Please try to write like a semi-literate human being, complete with punctuation and grammar. Don't write in all caps either, as it is considered yelling and extremely poor etiquette. There is also a spell check provided that I highly recommend. I know it sounds petty, but you'd be surprised how much faster your query will be answered if it can't be confused with gibberish. I tend to just ignore requests for information that were obviously posted by someone who wasn't courteous enough to make it easy to read...and I'm not alone. In the words of Brad Hamilton to Jeff Spicoli, "Learn it, know it, live it."

If you are unable to find what you're looking for in these stickies, then your next step should be to use the TT search engine. The TT archives are incredibly comprehensive and it takes only a few seconds to execute a search. A word of advice: learn to use the search feature and its nuances. Learn how to phrase your search criteria to narrow your search parameters so you can find what you're looking for quicker. This link will provide you with a great tutorial regarding how to really use the search engine to its full potential. It's pretty easy to see when someone has decided to be lazy and wait for the board to spoon-feed him. Please don't do this because your thread won't last long. Exercise some personal initiative and give it the old college try on your own. If you just can't find what you need, then by all means, post the question.

Finally, a word about the best. "What's the best (insert item here)?", is a silly question regardless of the subject matter. It asks for an answer based on pure speculation and opinion. Since one man's trash is another man's treasure, you will never get a definitive answer with this type of question. For example, if you're looking for the "best" tire, you need to decide that based on the information you find here. Research the threads that address tires and how they perform in various terrain and in various parts of the country. East Coast mud is very different than High Sierra hardpack. I think my favorite questions are the ones that always ask for opinions on the WR. Those are just plain dumb. What kind of answer would you expect from a WR-specific board? Unless a troll is answering, I guarantee the phrases "it sucks", "don't buy one" and "POS" won't be seen.

What this little advisory comes down to is just this...use a little common sense, put in a little effort and follow the rules. Do these three things and your time here will be nothing but enjoyable. If you don't, then we'll be forced to kill you in a way that will make the national evening news. Have a nice day ;)...SC

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