Rt. side foot peg fix questions...

yes searched didnt quite answer all questions...

-i broke the rear bolt, isnt it ussually the front that breaks and isnt it only the front that is drilled through(or is it drilled and tapped to a bigger size)?

-is the peg mount AL. or steel? I have no prob fabbing the bracket to dbl sheer it if it is steel, cant play with AL yet...

The truth is i havent really had the time to look at it since it broke over a month ago...havent really been riding much or at all this entire year. i dont really plan on racing much anymore, justa few favorite races here and there mostly just fun riding.

Oh and by the way it broke the morning after the d38 rattlesnake chase when i putted over a small hill, caugh a massive six inches of air and hit a massive six inch whoop. got lucky.



thanks...I'll probly end up with Kritters fix as well. its just that i hav ethe time to fix it either home fix or buoght.

It'll get done sometime.


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