what is the better deal????

i have a chance 2 get a 99 yz400 f for $2000 it looks and sounds to be in great shape never have a head job tho. i dont know how well the motor has been maintained or a 01 yz426f for $2500 the motor has been well maintained, i know for a fact it has. its never had a head job but the frame is rusted up really bad on the oil resv., rad. is dented up and pipe has a dent in it. im torn ive ridden the 426 alot and ive never ridden the 400 i would like some input on what you guys think thanks in advance:confused:

Neither, I am seeing '03 450's for $ 2500 on ebay, and the local papers.

Buy the newest bike you can afford.

i only have 2500 to spend

i only have 2500 to spend

Then get the 426. I would rather buy a well maintained bike that looked rough, then a good looking bike thats got 3 month old oil in it.

i only have 2500 to spend

get a 450....so much better than the 400/426....

You know right now I am going through a smiliar situation. I am looking at a 2000 426 and he was asking 2400, but has not been able to sell it. He also tried to sell it on ebay. I bid on the item, but didn't win the bike. I have to say that I hated the anticipation of waiting. He is now looking to sell if for 2000. I am going to look at it tomorrow with a mechanic friend. Looking at NADA prices it seems that the 2000 sells low from 1800 and high at 2400. You may want to sheck the NADA price guide.

I'd still look hard for an '03 or '04. Now's the time to buy bike cheap. I bought my '03 for 2500 it's been an awesome bike and I think way ahead of the 400 & 426. I think 2500 for a 426 is too much. I know the 03's have a hard hit with the power but it can be dealt with.

I think that the choice between the early 450's and a 426 really boils down to what you want to do with the bike. The 426 is a little heavier and the 450's have more punch, so the 450's would be the choice if weight is important, or you intend on doing much real MX racing, or even if you just want to ride real fast everywhere.

OTOH, the 426 has a little more linear power to begin with, has a 5 speed, and not only starts out with more rotating mass than the 450 has, it will take a bigger flywheel weight, so it makes a better trail, recreational, and desert bike than the early 450 with less modification. Furthermore, if you think you'd like to ride at night, the 426 will accept the flywheel and stator from a WR. The YZ450 will not accept a WR setup. Some might say that still isn't enough for serious lighting, but you can do a lot more using the WR426 stator as a foundation than you can with a re-wound 450 stator.

That, and in California, the 426's are all green sticker bikes. The 450's are red.

Go with the 426 they are real solid bikes!:worthy:

“Which is better?” That could be like the stupidest question ever when comparing a yz400 and a yz426, the 400 does not even compare, it is like comparing a 426 and a 450, let me think what I would take. Save a few hundred more and buy a yz450f, you will not regret it.

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