XR650R Street Legal in Alabama?

Hello All

Has anyone tried plating an XR650R in Alabama? I tried calling the DMV, local Dealers, State Troopers, and the Department of Revenue and they have all told me either that it was difficult to accomplish or not possible at all.

Has anyone been able to plate an XR650R or any offroad motorcycle for that matter?

Has anyone also had any luck in surrounding states such as Georgia, Mississippi, etc? I have read that it may be possible to send for Vermont plates but that process seems a bit cloudy.

Any help would be great.

Take Care

Are you looking to buy new or used? If your lookin to buy new and dealer is just shruggin his shoulders sayin "I dunno.." .....then hes a cheese dick and you should go somewhere else to buy. :worthy:

Found the info below here:


There is no mention of motorcycle (dirt bike) but they are implying that an ATV and get a set of tags and be ridden on the street so I assume you can do the same for a dirt bike.....

If all else fails there are a bunch of XRR's on craigslist that are plated and for sale in texas...you should be able to do a title transfer to alabama

How can I title and/or register my golf cart, ATV, or Scooter in Alabama?

Before any of the above listed vehicles can be titled or registered, they must meet all federal and state safety, emissions, and anti-theft standards.

If the vehicle meets these standards, an application for a certificate of title may be processed. Once the title has been processed, the county license plate issuing official will issue a registration tag and tax receipt and license plate. If the vehicle does not meet these standards it is not considered to be “street legal” and therefore, cannot be driven on the public roads or highways of this state. In order to determine if the vehicle meets all federal safety and emissions standards, this information should be listed on the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO).

Welcome to Thumpertalk, kainaxe .......:worthy:

thanks for the suggestion, I will try to see where I can get with that link.

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