The gentelman at xrs only said the chain guide they make for the XR650L goes on the outside of the bracket on the XR...........if I did that.....it made the chain angle way to much so I bolted it on just like the stock was before i removed it. Does anyone know the correct postion? Im way to much of a newbie at this to know!

Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

The guide that goes in front of the rear sprocket?

It goes in between the sides of the nylon holder.


Thanks Dave...........but I was wondering where it bolts(which side) on to the swing arm.....the outside of the bracket(located on the swing arm)....or the inside. sorry....imtalking about the rear sprocket

It bolts to the inside of the swingarm; I 've got one on mine. Others have had good luck but I've found the people at XR's Only totally worthless.

thank you so much!!! So hows it going in Texas?....love that state!

A little chilly right now; guess we're actually going to have a winter this year. I'm stoved up from a 70+ mph endo last weekend but wishing I could be riding. I used to live in Brookhaven, MS back in the early '60s and across the river from Natchez in the early '70s. Used to have a blast hanging out at the parks along the Natchez Trace.

Just installed mine. Same delima. Mounted it on the inside as well. Not by choice though.

I know what you mean....but it will work!....lololol

My wife is from Brookhaven but she is only 34 so you would have ben long gone by then....lolol....your garage is cool!!

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