Panoram Computers - Will It Last on WR?

Tom, I too had a problem with my computer. Within 80 miles, the screen becames dim, the readings went haywire, and the battery light came on. I E-mailed Trailtech, and they sent me a new battery. I installed the new battery and had the same problem. I found the problem to be a bad conection at the battery. I still have the the problem to this day. Every 200-300 miles, I have to clean and bent the battery terminals.

Hope this holps! Tony


I went ahead and ordered a new one today direct from TrailTech. It seems like they have a new bolt/magnet fix for the magnet issue. I never had that problem on my KLX, the magnet was fastened in place using the adhesive from TrailTech and it never failed. But a magnet/bolt combo is a great way to do this.

As for the computer itself, on both occasions my symptoms were simply that the screen went crazy. I don't recall it ever going dim but it may have. I tried replacing the battery myself before even calling Trailtech but that was not it. When I shook my unit I could hear something small and loose moving around in there.

When I mount the new one on the WR I'm going to try to isolate it as much as possible from vibration. I'm going to try rubber mounting or some such to see what can be done.

One other question I failed to ask in my original post is has anyone used the new billet aluminum Panoram protectors? They sell one that bolts onto the forward handlebar mounts. I've got a Scott's triple clamp/steering damper, and Pro Tapers on the way and would be interested to see if this new billet mount would work with this setup. I

guess the critical question is whether the billet piece would line up with the bolt patten on the Scott's pro taper mount.

I'm going to leave the stock odo in place until the new Panoram works out. If it doesn't, I guess I'll have to get something like an ICO (although I don't do enduros) or see if something like another OEM speedo would work. Or a cheap Sigma unit. It seems at least one person on the TT forum has had good luck with this.


i had to turn dampener around to fit billet aluminum handle bar clamp. scott did it for free or you need to buy a puller. i've had no problems yet. i had my first one for 300mi. until i trade it for scratch resistant face and to change miles in increments up or down for enduros or dual sports. it is hard to get computer out of protector.


On my KLX300R I used one of the Panaram cycle computers. In a very short time (< 100 miles each) both of them died. I sent them back to Trailtech who each time sent me a new one. The last one was a newer model but sold the KLX before I had time to put any miles on it. A friend with an XR650R is also on his 3rd unit but is up to around 2500 miles total.

The problems we have had seem to be related to vibration.

My symptoms:

- Screen goes haywire. Just getting random numbers and letters and stuff. This happened while I'm riding along an easy trail. It was not wet and I had not spilled gasoline on it. Both units died in < 100 miles. I am NOT a hard rider and was not competing over even riding hard. Hey, KLX300's don't go that fast!

I have several friends with XR250's and DRZ's who have > 1000 miles on their units and no problems.

Has anyone had luck using the Panoram on the WR? I mostly use it as a speedo and odo but the clock, etc.. was nice. My confidence level of the product is low enough that I'll likely leave the stock WR odo on there and use the Panaram for speed. I only need this when I'm motoring around Moab or some place where I need to obey the speed limits until I get to my trail.

I'd like to state that Panoram has been very nice to deal with over the phone and got me a new head unit mailed out right away both times. I did not have any miles on my newer, improved unit when I sold it with my KLX when I got the WR. I'm just not sure the Panoram is up to the hazards of the vibrations for a dirt bike.

On street bikes I have had good luck with Sigma BC computers but not sure how THEY would work in the dirt either. I just need either a long term Panoram or some sort of working speedo. I prefer the Panoram. I always got a very nice woman on the phone when I called and never Geoff. FYI.

Any info would be appreciated.

tom vervaeke

colorado springs, co

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save your money.i went thru 4 panorams in past 8 months.the last one lasted halfday of riding.they just cant handle vibration i for being water resistant that's "crap" first time you forget to take off before you wash bike will be the last time .

I must be lucky, the only probs I've had in the last year is the magnet coming off. The screen has never gone crazy, and

It is a GREAT product!!! 5 years ago I adapted a moutain bike speedo.. to my TT 350... It lasted 1/2 the time it took to hook it up!

The TRAILTECH Panoram is great, and has great support!

I will be sending mine back for the 25$ upgrade, but I've been problem free for almost 500 miles.

if you don't want a full enduro comp($$$)., then get a panoram

P.S. the billet cages do look cool!


I don't know why you're having so many problems with your Trailtech units. I've had 2 of them, one on my WR400 and the other on my KTM250. Both have always worked perfectly and don't get removed for washing the bike either. I would not spray water directly on it any more than my ICO, which already has moisture in it. The KTM odometer was not as reliable by comparison, the cable broke on the second ride.

The units are as good as anything out there IMHO and don't cost much more than an average tire.


I have a 2001 WR426 w/ a panoram computer on it...I also have had problems w/ the unit numbers going haywire..I have been in contact w/ Geoff @ Trailtech, and he has taken care of this issue very well!! They stand behind their product very well.I understand sometimes it takes awhile to work the "bugs" out of a product,I believe they will get it..I will continue to use this product..Thanks again Geoff for your support!!

Tim in Boise,Idaho!

geoff,after my bike panoram broke for the 3rd time instead of returning again. i purchased your trailtech panoram from rocky lasted 2 rides the replacement they sent me is sitting righthere[dead]. it lasted about 30min.[and that was riding on the street]i rode bike to my buddys house 5 miles always while i was there it rain for about 20 minutes when i went to leave it was full of water.if you would like i could post my receipt from rockymountain.i know 3 other people that bought trailtechs and all 3 have had them the way bikecycle and trailtech computers are excactly the same only difference is mounting and sending unit kit.if you want i can have MR.Todson[from topeak]variefy that for you

Your order: 00429136 has been shipped on 09/14/2001 via UPS GROUND

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Total: 75.80

Thank you your order. Check out the web site for more specials.

Rocky Mountain ATV

Do not respond to this email.

Now first off I am not dis n' on Geoff's product.


I did much research into this before I bought the "Wally World" version for 29bucks.

I actually tracked down a tele # for Panoram and posing as a "Retailer" talked to a wholesale rep. that told me that the NEXT version was actually the same EXACT thing as the PANORAM version! Marketed and manufactured for certain companies including WalMart!

I also asked him about the MX version and assured me that they were the SAME EXACT unit with the only modifications coming from AfterMarket companies changing the sending units.

If I have the time I will find and post the tele # for everyone to verify this .

Once again I AM NOT dis'n on Geoff's product ,only stating what I have learned during EXTENSIVE research.

I also have a friend that has the bicycle version that has over 2000 miles on it and not a single problem.

I now have about 500miles on mine and it has been in the sand/cold wx/snow/and mx track.So I am here to say that so far I am satisfied with my Wally World CpU. And I have and extra 50smackaroos in my pocket!

Just my $.03

G :)

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