Works Connection Aluminum Throttle Tube

Anyone use one of these "Works Connection Aluminum Throttle Tube - Honda XR250R / XR400R / XR600 / XR650R" on a XR650R saw on XRSonly website. Wondering if there are any +'s to running it. My throttle seems to sticking some, like it is on or off. Cable are routed good an lubed, an adjusted.

Any no I never had a problem will

My friend has a pro taper tube on his 650R. I don't like it. The response is too quick and skitzo. Especially in goat trails, hills or sections with drop offs where you need to be smooth with the throttle.

I like a little resistance in the throttle.

Take the grips off and clean the throttle tube, then lube it with dry graphite. Smooth like buttah.

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