yz 426 Deal or no deal.

I know how cheesey, but looking for some guidance. I am looking at puchasing a 2000 yz 426 locally and not sure if what he is asking ($2000) is reasonable or a good deal. Appears that the fluids were just changed and the valves replaced professionaly. Other then that the bike seems to run good, not much for extras.

Dang Snow.

Sent ya a PM bud.:worthy:

I paid $2300 for my 2000 model in 2005. This bike was in great shape and I knew the operator. Depending on condition, $ 2000 doesn't seem unreasonable imo.

I paid $1700 for mine 6 months ago, but have later found that it did have a ton of hours, and have since had to rebuild the motor. I still stnad by the fact that I got a great deal, with a pretty much brand new motor 426 for $2300 after the rebuild costs.

Jeez, sounds like I got a little screwed when I bought mine. I ended up throwing out 2600 on my 02 426. But on the other hand everything is expensive because of my location. The nearest major city is a 3 hour drive.

i payed 2600 for my 02', it was/is in awesome shape, bought it from my neighbor down the street who owns a mechanics shop, it had all the nice A/M parts on it already... ASV levers, handguards, new forkseals, S/S oil filter, new top end and valve adjustment, skidplates, also came wiht a new FMF Q series pipe and a WB E series exhaust, adn a few other things im sure im forgetting. be careful wiht the 00', if i remember correctly the 00' had a problem wiht the "keyed shaft breaking off on the clutch side (i htink it was the 00) and right after 01, and 02 they went to a splined shaft..can someone confirm this? GrayRacer? (<- i know he knows....)

Interesting, I went out to look at the bike with my friend whom used to work at a yamaha dealer. Found several thngs wrong 1 a small crack in the head where the coolant retrun line came in, a bad gasket around the jug and clutch side, both radiators where pushed in. Best of all he wasn't going to budge on his 2 grand.

Whoa it sucks to live in Cali. a 2002 426 will go for $400-500 dollars more than a 2003 or 2004 450 cuz the dam green sticker thing. I paid $3000 for my nearly new 426. If it has had the valves replaced on 2000 than there are some SERIOUS hours on that bike. Stainless Valves on the 2000 last a LOOONG time.

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