scotts damper help needed

ok i am looking to get a damper for my 97 xr600r but i want to see some pic's of them mounted on a xr 600 so i can tell if my oil temp gauge will still fit and i can still remove it with out taking anything apart.

thank you for any help you can offer



Whatever you do make sure the post is the weld on type.Clamp ons are easily moved unless they're the HD type like on the 650R. My 600 is long since sold and the post welded to the frame close to the oil filler, can't remember completely but I don't think there was much room left around the filler. shows a 600 installation, it's the unit with a clamp on mount. We had one of these on the wife's bike and had to tack weld it to the frame so it wouldn't loosen up.

I'm looking for the same thing, only i need one that will work with CR250 triples after doing the inverted fork swap to my 96 XR600R.

it will not work with the XRs only gauge, i wish it did, my gauge sits on a shelf.

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