Ballinger on the 1st. Ya wanna go?

Going to Ballinger on 01-01-02 More TT'ers would be great! Meet for breakfast or there. Hope you can make it!


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Thanks SoCal I will definitly give it some thought, will try to let you know Monday evening. If not, have a great time!

I've never been there, but I hear it's a nice place to ride. What kind of trails/terrain is out there? Not too gnarly for a beginner?


You should come along and see!

I think you'll like it..I'll admit though, it is a long haul for a 1-day ride for some people. But once there all agree it's worth it.


Sorry forgot to mention that we will meet at I-Hop, it's right on hwy 126 in Fillmore. 730-8am



Man, you guys start early. I'll probably still be in bed then. Anyway, I think I'm going up to Red Rock with my brother.

Have fun up there and let us know how the ride went.

Sissy! :)

O.K.!!! I'm in. I guess it takes me about 2 hours to get there,I take 166 out of Santa Maria. I'll try to be there about 9:30. I have only been there once, so I guess I'll look for the black Tahoe in the main parking area. I drive a 92' F-150 silver with a dark green stripe on the bottom. No partying tonight, well maybe just a little!


Thats Great!!..Some other TT'ers are also going to show up!

You wouldn't by chance have a 48 pilot jet would you? All shops have been closed around here..


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