Linkage Bearings On The 450 Advice?

Well, not that its rocket science or anything but I just wanted to know if you guys have any tips or tricks that make the job go easy? I was hoping I could drive the old bearings out with a socket, but not sure how tight they are? Maybe I will need to take them to my shop and press them out? Thanks in advance

I am actually replacing all the bearings, not just greasing them up. All I really wondered was how tight to expect the bearings to be?

Fairly tight, especially if any moisture has gotten under them. But you should be able to drive them out that way. If they seem stubborn, warm up the parts a little.

Well I got the bearings out, had to apply a little heat but other than that it went good. Too bad the linkage kit the dealer gave me is wrong:bonk: They gave me the "All Balls" kit for an 05, said it was the same for 06. The lower linkage arm is different for 06 and takes different bearings. No surprise there... this stuff happens to me all the time! LoL

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