yz 426 to wr 250/ 450

looking at getting off my 426 and onto a wr, the 426 so heavy but the power is brutal:eek: which i do love, but want to be able to ride on the road, will the wr dissapoint or be a better ride all around, am over 40 so im not doing huge jumps or anything silly anymore. takes to long to heal, lol,:worthy:

I picked up an '03 WR450 early this past spring after getting rid of my '00 DRZ400E. The best thing i could have done. You can get a big or huge tank for the WR450 which will get you upwards of 400 km out of a 6.6 gallon tank. Even with packing that much gas i am still able to get third gear wheelies ripping down a fire road. i am running a 14 - 46 tooth combo and can cruise at around 90km/h without pushing it. 250 or 450; remember the old saying "there is no replacement for displacement.



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