What's in a name?

:D Right, I've seen this on the 250 side and it got me thinking, where did we all get our wonderful handles from.(if you done this before on here tell me to shut up ! :) )

Mine was easy, it's my given name,(I thought I stood a better chance of NOT forgeting it !)

How about everyone else??

Mine was fairly simple too although not as easy to remember as my name though! I worked on custom cars and hot rods prior to my engineering/construction management career and it seemed that all of my "doodles" around the shop had flames somewhere in the design. I even added flames to my 4 year old daughters wagon and she digs it!

Keep Roostin'


Blackie = Family Pet = Blackie Meh

Woody is my last name and has become my nickname and the 426 needs no mention.....

Woody :)

A guy at work used to call me the milkman because I liked to "milk" my work.

As for the "MO" part, Im from Missouri. Hence MOmilkman. :)

although i'm from and born in Ely my welsh father could barely speak english and was quite a character.

as the owner of a small village garage he was known around and about so of course i was known as Taff's lad, Taff's son, Taff's boy etc and of course not long before the rest was dropped.

i reckon "characters" get nicknames and bores don't so i was always going to get something.

i took Taffy as mercifully; freckle-faced, big-eared, fornicating fat **** would have been a bit long winded. anyway i can't spell winker!!!


When I first jumped on the internet, I use to on-line game (Quake). Because of my "navy" distorted sense of humor, which is based on pure, unadulterated fun, with no "hidden" meaning, I decided to go with the name "FudgePacker" (hey!! I am happily married!!...to a woman...and very content with my inner self :) ).

I had setup my game so when I "Fragged" someone, "You have been reemed by Fudgepacker" would pop up on the screen. I do work w/ a lot of ex-military who of course laugh...because it is funny, in a unconventional sort of way. I was in the ICQ chat listing as "FudgePacker". Well, I DID get some, let's say, propositions, for something other than chatting. Needless to say, I let my ICQ go away, and dropped the Fudgepacker thing. The guys still ask about it at work, and continue to laugh at my notoriety. I have used MXVET (my WR400's "I'm SO Vain" license plate) because that is the last class I raced in MX (AMA District 6 in Eastern PA). I eventually went with NH Kevin. It instantly lets people know I am in New Hampshire, and ride. It has lead to meeting new riding buds here @ TT, which is what my sole intention is.

:) Anyone else??? The 250 guy's managed a really big post on this subject! :D

This name took weeks of thought and much consumption of alcoholic beverages to finally get it figured out.

YZ=====bikes I have ridden for 13 years

Ernie==the name my parents gave me at birth


wheww.....I get exhausted just thinking about it. Honey, could you get me another beer???!!! :)


I reckon that mine is pretty obvious...

Yamaha, well... that's where my dirtbike loyalties are...

The Dude part - well, I use the name to conjure up images of... well..., what does "dude" mean to you guys? I always think of the movie 'City Slickers', the guys at the dude ranch, looking for the real experience, never quite getting it really, most of the time.. getting away from their wives, getting in touch with their lost-animal macho side... living the legend like their forefathers might have... I like to think I am the Jack Palance character, rather than the Billy Crystal character... :)

BTW, when I post to Landrover Forums, my screen name is... come on, guess it... Landrover.Dude - can you see a theme emerging here? :D

Also, my 7 y/o son calls me a dude, he has all that street jive talk worked out, so I am not sure if it means old codger, or great guy... can someone ask their teenager for me please... :D


Mine comes from gaming, sorta like NH_KEVINS story.

I used to playtest all the Bethesda Hotrod dragracing games and was quite adept in the T/F class online (the games were a blast to race online). Anyway I became known as Sledge d'Hammah and Sledge has stuck with me every where I go online now (except when playing Tribes 2 where I'm known as "Nasty Nun" but that's another story ..... :) ) and the 57 is the year my mom spit me out.


mine is simply my three initials with the 2 and the 4 in between which stands for 24, Jeff Gordons race number in NASCAR, my other favorite sport!!

Some GUY took my given name which is the only one I can remember, so added where I live.


Well, Hell. I might as well chime in here... my college (Clemson... go Tigers) roomates tagged me with my nickname one fateful night. We were watching the discovery channel and there was a program about Vietnam and the effects of Agent Orange and other chemical warfare applications. One of my roomates said that he heard that people who had been affected by Agent Orange had offspring with smaller genitalia on average. Well, out of pure stupidity, I mentioned that my father had a spot on his arm that he thought was caused by contact with those chemicals. One of my roomates chimed in automatically with something to the effect of, "so, you got a stumpy little package, huh." Of course, I argued against their claims, but the name Stumpy stuck like super glue. And now you know the rest of the story... :)

A friend of mine at work spent an evening thinking of nicknames NOT TO HAVE.

After much toiling, he came up with one. I must say, I do agree wholeheartily. I can not think of anything "Cute" or "Cool" or "Rad" or "Knarly" or ...OK, get the picture?

I am open to comments on this nickname.


Kinda makes me go "Hmmm..." :)

Talk about boring,

Mine is just my email prefix. But Kevin mentioned his gaming name. Mine was Rocketman, I used to play on-line flying games and this name fit my flying style. I wish I could say it fits my riding style, but that name might be more like "slow old rocket man" too bulky huh? :)

I guess I was inspired to change mine from my birth name to my current after changing to YZ timing and removing the grey wire because now that's all my buddies see when they ride with me!!!

NH Kevin was kill'n me...LOL! Mine comes from my job...Military pilot flying a C-130 Hercules a.k.a. trash hauler nicknamed a "Herk" ergo: Herkypilot. I've used it for about 8 years now. I suppose its' been said that you really can't give your self a nickname, it has to be given to you. I suppose this is my on-line handle. :)

NH Kevin gave me mine. When I first signed up I was simply "Doug". Then Kevin wouldn't stop replying to me as Dougie and insisted I change it. So I did. Yeah, no one calls me Dougie except my Aunt and the TTalk guys. I've been thinking of changing it to DenverDoug. But I don't think Kevin would let that happen.

I think mine is pretty self explanatory. My name is Matt and I live in the hills of Southern Ohio. EZ to remember at my old age.

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