What's in a name?

Not in a million years...


would I let you go back to your "old name" :)

Ok here it goes. When I was 13 my parents and a couple of aunts & uncles took a trip back to Iowa to see some other relatives. We went up through Yellowstone Park. We got a cabin for the night outside Twin Falls Idaho. When we came out the cabin door there was a Mother Moose & her young one. My uncle say's "DAM THAT MOOSE IS ABOUT AS UGLY HAS YOU" So i was kinda called "MOOSE"

Then mt nephews started calling "MOOSEHEAD" the "UNKLE MOOSE" Now all the kids in the neighborhood call me "UNKLEMOOSE" So there goes the story.

Ride Often And Ride Safe :)

My name has no relation to the blue most think of when they see it next to Boner or another part of the anatomy in that region. My brother and I are three years apart and look like twins and even have the same group of friends. Sometimes we get into little arguments so we became known as the "Boner Brothers." I ride a Yamaha,(blue bike) and my brother rides an 02 KTM 520EXC so I became the Blue Boner. Eric

Got mine many years ago skateboarding, it kind of was adopted as my nickname. A quick vertical launch saved my lower extrematies from being impailed by a speeding skateboard off of a vert ramp. From then on was refered to as "Double D", for Dodger DeWald. Now days just drop the double and go with Dodger :):D !!


Mines pretty easy. Since my last name is Poole, my nickname has always been Pooley. Not original, rooted in mythology or a derivative of some Greek god...plain old last name with a y.

Well I've had a few nick names in my past, the first was 'Pigstrot'. Age about 4. My sister (10) thought that this the worst thing you could call someone was a pigs foot !! Well thing progressed from there I am happy to say....

The Missile.... Mountain biking one day I decided to hit the gas on a downhill....BLASTED between two unsuspecting riders (before I learned a few trail manners) who did not exactly fall off, but almost...anyhow I was LONG gone and my riding buddies got an earful on my behalf. I was accused of bombing them. Hence The Missile.

last name lewis+= lewi. first name chris=chris

lewichris. From north idaho

I cannot remember why I got my nickname, I only remember the Movie. Hmmm, must be too much drinking I just cant remember the little stuff.


You'd have to see my bike I guess......

I like toys - own most of them....just one of the many flaws in my character.

Unkle Moose's story is true - except the Moose actually was a little better looking than him, and could also run through trees easier than he does (with no body damage).

i got mine about 18 years ago when a bloke i know used to call everyone pesh :) i dont know why ended up with it but i am still known by it now :D

I just enjoy running around in the desert with my beloved WR. Also my old CB handle (if anyone remembers what a CB handle is). Again, THANKS YAMAHA!!!!!!!

My "handle" is my son's name with a R at the end. When I growup, I want to be just like him. He's my hero.

Me llamo es (My name is) Bill. I live in New Mexico. I have a few nicknames, just taming down a bit these days.

How 'bout Ivan Tedesco and Keith Johnson. Not bad at the supercross. Top 10's. :)

Ok it's my turn I got mine about eleven years ago in college. My roommate in college was named Bill and is about 6'2". Considering I am also named Bill but I retain a meager height of 5'6" I very quickly recieved the nickname of lilbill, not to mention lilchunks due to Big Bill's(Chunky) drinking performance at one of the first parties he had the chance to attend while at WSU(known for the beer and the cows) also affectionately known as cow college.

And as for my internet address lowder76 my middle name is lowden(also the town I grew up in) and considering i can be a little loud at times I got the name lowder. 76 is not the birth year moreso it is the fact that I am a member of IBEW local union #76

Toms my name

14911 is my ID#


Name came from my other favorite hobby - Target shooting and gunsmithing.

Hence the name BLK-RFL (Black Rifle). This is a reference usually to the AR15 rifle. My DRZ will soon be all black, so I also like to think of it as reference to my bike.

I know, not the most PC thing to talk about right now with all that is going on in MD. But I'm not changing it.

Chris = C + Naccarato =NACC for short =CNACC it is just kind of my internet handle.

so you will be the black boat anchor then.

Lewi chris. first name is chris. last is lewis. friends call me lou or lewi. Pretty simple huh

Work for FedEx, ride a yz250F!!!

Simple name. I live in desert,and race in desert 75% of the time.


Didn't we just do this about a year or so ago?

Oh Well.....When I was in the military I wasn't afraid of anything....Jump out of an airplane...Hoooa...Me First....Repel off a 25 story balcony to get to the car first...Hoooa...First in line in my company for Panama, Grenada, Desert Shield/Storm..Hoooa....I always dove in head first my Military Callsign was Kaze......

When I retired a few of the pilots and crewchiefs I served with came to watch me race.....Man...I must have crashed 10 times and got run over atleast twice....At the end of the day an old friend and Apache pilot raised his beer and toasted ....Here's to the only one amoung us that won't stop trying to increase his retirement disability percentage "the Yama-kaze"..My new riding buddies that were there :Dthought it was funny...That was 7 years ago, and it stuck ever since....We get together every couple of years to match bumps and bruises, so far I'm in the lead but the Sergeant Major is gaining on me since he married that 20 year old adventure vixen.

Bonzai :)

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