What's in a name?

I live in a rural community called "New River". I love my WR. Hence, ne"WR"iver. :)

When I was 14, I used to work part time at a tavern in the Mississippi River town I lived in. My favorite regular was a fun-loving truck driver named Leroy. He always called me Chaindrive 'cause I went everywhere on my old beat up '72 Yamaha 125 enduro, sans license of course, but the cops never could (wanted to?) quite catch me... (washed a lot of dishes to buy that!).

It had a broken kickstarter and a stretched chain that liked to fly off, and duct tape for upholstery and was my pride and joy. Constantly messing with it! I also earned extra money servicing Leroy's truck on weekends. He didn't really need the help, but I never had an old man and he never had kids, so we both kinda filled in, and Chaindrive was my name.

When I wound up a truck driver many years later, it became my CB handle. Seems to work here, too. :)

I dig my bike.

I could have been more original :)


R-My name ROB

S-My wifes name SANDRA

A-My son's name ANDREW

210=the last 2 digits of our birthdates added together :D:)

I was about 13 years old and was chasing anything in a skirt. My dad once said " Here boy, here's a quarter for a balloon. You could Scare a Harem you little "HAREMSCAREM".

I decided to use my first name because I participate in a few vintage groups and I use my old (1978) bike's name Sachs250wr. But since I got back to serious riding :D, and I made my mind about what kind of machine I will get (the big blue one) :). I didn'nt want to bother the new generation with old souvenirs :D,



Need I say Anything

Actually I picked Ego becouse My heads to big and I am good as any better the some.

BUt I have had pleanty of handles the two that stick are Machoman Long Long Story


Animal (Sesame street Animal) ya right

I had a tendancy to break things I was pretty rough on stuff so I got the nick name animal.

But I like Ego becouse it is exactly Who I am Not

Figure that one out :)

My name, easy enough. Actually when I registered I wasn't paying attention and put my name in the screen name spot. I usually go by Seal Clubber. You may have seen me on the Rogue Spear and Mech warrior game sites. Or maybe not.

P.s. Can I change my screen name?

My magnetic attraction towards trees helped me pick out my name.

I'm usually not much on catchy names either...so I supprised myself with this one...guess it just flowed, Ya know


my last name is parks but my friends started spelling it parx for short.

400 is my bike size.

parx400 has been my name for everything computer related since i got my bike in 2000


OK... since I missed the one on the 250 side I will play here. Since I can remember I have raced everything I've owned. Hence the name "racinace" It works for me.

Roost on!

My story isn't quite as interesting as some of yours,

My last name is Fry. A co-worker (now my supervisor) started calling me Fryboy and it stuck.

Since every other clever name I could think of was already taken I gave up and just put in Fryboy.

I had to make my first post that night :)

Dave thats not true :D

A Picture is worth a 1000 words


JUst trying to help Dave :)

I knew you were gonna do that EGO !!!!!!


Damn you are fast !

Gotta keep the story straight :)

Hey you up early going riding ?

Me Blue, My Son and Dirtdonthurt meeting up this morning

Man Im boiling over gotta get rippin

No riding today I am at work !

I am going to Stoneyford for first time Sunday with Dan da Man (dp400)

I got him to trust one of us Blue guys. :)

I need to roost too. You guys have a good time. Tell Blue I will get in touch with him in the next week or so. Thanks.

Dan and I are meeting up on wed with the lil ones let them cut and rip


You guys have time to ride on Wednesdays?

You both must be blessed

Steve (me) + Roxanne (wife) = steverox

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