What's in a name?

Mine's somewhat self-explanatory... I found TT in late 1999 and used it for my research when buying my '00WR400 in the spring of 2000. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and yep, there is 4 inches of snow outside right now.

Not rocket science here. I ride an '02 YZ 426F and I live in Florida :).

Bill :D

The YZ is for my bike and every time i get on my bike my wife say's "there go's the little boy out to play. :):D

My first harescramble race I didn't wear any gloves.My vet buddys noticed and started calling me machoman.If they only knew!The 618 is my race # .

mayday comes from my last name of May. Since I am in the Airforce and I am a Crew Chief of a B-1b Bomber (Which by the way it dropped close to 8 million pounds of high explosives on the Taliban) my fellow crew dogs thought it would be funny to call me Mayday. The aircrew dont think it is funny! :)

Mine Is pretty obvious

I Eat Sleep, Drink and Dream about my new baby :) on the way

In fact, If I find that my 450 can wash + iron I will be able to let the wife go!!

The group of guys I was riding with at the time I got my bike all had nicknames for each other. When I pulled up with my spanking new WR in the truck my best friend said it looked like something a Smurf would ride! I think he was just jealous because he was stuck on a XR400 (the Red Toad)! :) Hence, PapaSmurf.

I was given the nickname Bamster back in the early 80's.

I was riding a yz 465 at the time and they started calling me that becouse of the sound my bike would make when I landed from a jump.

The WR is my 1st thumper........ I been permantly converted!

Mine is super top secret and I'll have to kill you if I tell you...

But here is a hint Armour is my last name. Cool thing was I was in the Marines and my name was no kidding..."Sgt. Armour" pronounced "Armor"

I once worked with a guy who's name was America, and he was Captain..LOL



Well I ride blue and I'm a chick...


I was nicknamed after the joke about "Bruceter the Rooster". I don't know if that joke is tasteful enough to post here. The 13 is just all about superstitions, bad luck and the way unexplainable things tend to happen to me.

I made up a new e-mail address with the bikes I had that just pertained to bike related e-mails and bookmarks. Pretty boring.

CISCO...its my dogs name. Go figure...hes my Idol.

Here he is trying to bust a move on his girl! :)


Dodger (verb) - (1)move quickly aside or out of the way of (2)evade

...........this is exactly what I did when given my nick name when I was younger (I'm still a 28 year old kid!!). Narrowly missed by skateboard flying off of half pipe at break neck speeds, with quick cat like movement :D.........

Not a sexy as something like SuperMachoCoolGuy, but hey, what you going to do :)........


***BTW, I'm an idiot, just realized this was a way old thread - Seconds anyone??***



Not as easy as it appears. As the proud new owner of a 98 WR400 I discovered TT. When I registered I thought that my bike really rocked. So I thought I'd indicate "Rocks", well so what if I forgot the "s".

of course the rest of the story is that I no longer ride blue and have seen the wisdom of not associating the online handle to any brand of bike. :)

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