Best Deal for Engine Parts

I'm finally having my 450 get rebuilt and the part cost came out to about 1500. New piston, cylinder, crank and rod, all the bearings I need, intake valves and springs cam chain. Pretty much everything. My engine is fu#$ed.

If anyone knows any place at all I can get the cheapest parts possible please tell me. 1500 is OEM with a 10% discount.

I dont know whether to get aftermarket or not. Hotrod?

Is there anywhere I can get a cheaper cylinder either? That was about 300

Don't really know what happened to my bike oil level was good and filter was clean but engine is ***#ed.


OEM TT will probably save you at least a $100.

You should be able to save a lot using the Thumpertalk OEM store. A cylinder should be around $200, not $300. I would also replace the oil pump assembly while it's apart. Price wise the HotRod's crank assembly is about the same as the OEM and it has a heavy duty rod.

I can recommend TT OEM from experience. The crank assembly, which comes with a rod came out to $475 at the dealer, and just over $230 through TT OEM. The $10 fee is well worth it.

OEM TT for sure. You also may want to check out a big bore kit from Luke's racing...when I priced stuff for my 426, the 444 kit came out a bit cheaper than buying stock OEM. My rebuild cost about 1300 bucks with a new crank, crank bearings, big bore kit, all new valves, springs, keepers, etc. from TT and Lukes.

edit: decided not to put OEM TT prices here...

cylinder is 203 on a site I found compared to 294 of the list the mechanic gave me. How much is the TT cylinder?

Should I go a/m for the crank assembly or OEM? Is the a/m better or not im thinking of getting the motosport outlet hotrod crank assbly and wiseco piston with hotrod crank bearings and athena gasket kit. Will this be better than stock?

I sent a PM, but the OEM cylinder is $180

Is the a/m like hotrod and wiseco with athena gaskets a good deal. Are they better than stock parts?

I dont have experience with Wiseco bike parts, but I have a 73 Chevy Nova running Wiseco forged pistons, and they rock. The Athena gaskets seem nice because they come in a complete kit rather than OEM, where you have to find the part # for each seperate gasket.

for oem parts you should try motogrid. Another place i have found is

Compare it to thumpertalk i have also gotten good prices from them

How do I use the TT OEM site. I bought a year subscription and it is the most difficult and useless search I have ever seen. No diagrams or anything. I look up cylinder and it comes up with a Honda cylinder block assembly? &%$#@!



&%$#@! is the difference? the 2nd one is the one my mechanic had on the list. It is $10 more here than the site that I found. I was told the cylinder here was cheaper. I have wasted yet another $10. I can't even find what I need here. There is no diagrams or anything.

Chose the year, what bike part/area (i.e. cylinder, crankshaft, etc.), find the part number, copy and paste into the search, get the price. Seems pretty straight forward to me :worthy:

Another option may be to call and place the order over the phone.

Start by signing in, then click Yamaha at the left, then Yamaha Motocross. Chose a model and year, then the parts category. You'll get an illustration right out of Yamaha's parts catalog.

The 5TA-11311-01-00 is listed as an '04 part. The 5TA-11311-02-00 is a minor revision, although I'm not totally certain what was revised. They should be interchangeable. The cylinder listed for an '03 is the 5TA-11311-00-00, which is $15 less than the 5TA-11311-01-00 at TT OEM, and may be superceded.

Did you ever confirm if this bike is a 03 or 04? The cylinders are different.

This is the best time to rebuild as a big bore...I paid 175 for my brandnew 03 cylinder, and about 200 to convert it to a 470.....and I have my stock 03 cylinder (like new)as a spare

lukes racing or langcourt can help you with this - the bike will be unbelievable if it gets set up right.

What broke?

How is the valve train?

What are you being told you need to buy?

Please tell me a qualified mechanic is helping you XR......:thumbsup: .

I don't want to go big bore I'm just gonna go stock bore.

The crankshaft bearing that connects to the rod siezed and disenegrated throwing metal everywhere. I started back up which I think is what scratched my cylinder wall. The valves are just shot and need to be replaced eventually anyway so I'm gonna do it now while its apart and the cam chain also with valve springs also.

No, Im not doing it myself. The guy has been a mechanic for 15 years. I might have him do some porting work for me too if its not too expensive.

Supposeable the 02 is superceded?? But now I cant get it the 02 to come up on here. If I order the part # 00 one will I get the updated one or the old one? I was told by a dealer that I will get the revised version anyway probably unless there was 1 left over.

If you order from Yamaha, you will usually get the revised part anyway, unless there is a requirement to change some other part to make the revised part work.

Ordering from a supplier like TT OEM, you would most likely get the '03 part if that's what you ordered.

When I ordered through TT OEM, it was drop shipped from a dealer on the other side of the country.

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