Oil Question

I have a 01 YZF426 and I am currently using Motul 300V 100% synthetic oil but it is pretty expensive for an oil change for me ( $20cdn a litre plus tax). So i don't get to change my oil as often as i should. So i am just wondering if i should keep doing what i'm doing or switch to a cheaper oil and change it on a normal basis like i should. Someone told me that if you go to a cheaper oil its not good for a bike thats amune to the expensive stuff. not sure if it true...but any info on what i should do would be nice. I don't race my bike or anything, I just drive on the trail with it, but might go to a few races. People say that once you go synthetic, stay synthetic....what do ya think?

thanks alot!

Go with cheaper more frequent changes for sure! If you are not racing don't worry about it. I would just delete this thread and search the oil bible threads on this site. Tons and tons of good info. I buy shell rotella at wal-mart and have been running it for years and no problems. Uh-oh let the oil wars begin

i use 10w40 motorex semi sythetic and i replace my oil after 10-15 hours of riding

more frequent changes are better

I use AmsOil 10/50 and chang it after every ride which is about 80 to 150 miles and due the filter every second time

I use Mobil 1 10-40 made just for thumpers. It is about $8-$9 per quart. We change the oil about every 8-10 hours.

you can still use Motul but use the 5100 oil. You can save a little money there.


I use Rotella 15w-40 and change every 6 - 8 hours. $8.25 per GALLON. :censored:

I use the Rotella aswell. Except I change it every ride along with cleaning my oil filter. :censored:

:applause: Thanks alot guys. I think this summer I am gonna start using Yamalube 4R and change it every 5-10 hrs. What do ya think?

I've had good success with the Yamalube, and it improved the shifting of the bike overall. However, come this Spring, I'm going to go with the cheaper Rotella, after reading so many good things about it. I think Pep Boys has it for about $ 8.70 a gallon here, and they're a lot closer than my dealer.

delo 15w-40:thumbsup:

What would you guys recommend....Yamalube or Rotella?

I recommend a search on this subject...............:applause:

Either will be fine......

Take your pick, I'm going with the Rotella, since it's considerably cheaper, and I plan on doing more riding this year than previously.

As a side note.... get yourself a Scott's Stainless oil filter (thumpertalk store has em' for about $ 65) they filter better than paper (stock) filters, and can be used practically forever. I just use Carb cleaner spray to clean them and you're back in business. At $ 10-13 or so apiece for a paper filter, you'll go thru $ 65 or so relatively fast.

:applause: Thanks alot guys. I think this summer I am gonna start using Yamalube 4R and change it every 5-10 hrs. What do ya think?

Lots of better oils out there for less $$$

okay....what would those be?

I just converted from Yamalube to Rotella. Plan on changing every 3 rd ride.

I run yamalube and I change my oil about every 3 hrs, and the filter every other oil change. I waste a lot of money maybe I will start waiting a little longer.

When you guys say Yamalube, do you mean Yamalube 4R or is there just like a normal Yamalube oil?...if so, which one would ya recommend?

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