Yosh pipe with stock muffler

I live in a very respectable neigborhood (besides my house of course) and my Yosh pipe is just to loud for street use. I use my 400S alot on the street and was wondering if I could throw on a stock muffler without too much re-tuning. I did the 3 x 3 , jetting, needle, etc. Anyone do this??



I doubt a stock E muffler would line up right with the Yosh header. You would probably be the first to try it.

A better bet might be to sell the Yosh and buy a complete "E" system from someone here on TT. It will be quiet and flow better than the small headpipe S system. It should not be too hard to find someone on here to trade you their stock E pipe plus some cash for your Yosh.

stock muffler does not fit the yosh head pipe.

get a powerbomb header, thats built for the stock muffler

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