One Industries Doug Henry w/ Black BGs

Does anyone have a photo (or link) of the One Industries Doug Henry kit with the black backgrounds. Every photo I have seen of the kit only shows the white backgrounds and I'd like to see a pic of the black backgrounds before I make a final decision on my '06 (yellow) makeover.


I just got my DH kit in the mail and it's not installed on the bike yet, so don't have any pics yet. If you check back in a few days, I'll try and get a picture posted.

I do have to say the kit looks AWESOME, esp with the black backgrounds. The quality is very high. If you have any reservations at all, get the kit!!!

The only caveat I have to say is the black backgrounds force me to get the old fashioned stick on white numbers. For my last four bikes I have used the pre-printed number backgrounds from SoCal, which I swear by since they look so professional. So if you normally get the pre-printed backgrounds, get the DH kit with either the white or black backgrounds and just throw the backgrounds away. I haven't decided yet what I'm gonna do...stay tuned.

Same here...I am getting a one off scroud decals made...close to the one kit....then will put it all together...on white:thumbsup:

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