Dead Battery and Wierd Noise

some one was playing with my 06 wr450 in the garage and left the button that powers the computer and stuff one. didnt realize it until i was out at the desert ready to ride. it was no biggy as i had the kick starter. the problem was that i could hear a wierd noise coming from the right side almost like a whinning. after about 2 hours of riding the battery would still not start the bike so i unplugged the head light and by the end of the day it would start the bike. i still can figure out what the noise is though. was it the stator charging the battery?



Just re-charge the battery. Mine does that if the battery goes flat.

The headlight has nothing to do with the charging circuit. It's on a seperate magneto coil. The charging circuit is only about 2 amps max so if the battery is really dead it will take quite a bit of riding to recharge it.

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