Vortip vs. Thumper - Dyno or Noise tests?

Has anyone done any scientific testing to compare these two products? Especially dyno runs for HP and noise tests at mid-throttle (or however it's done).

I'm at a crossroads here. I've got a brand new 02 WR426F that runs poorly in stock form with the exhaust insert. It is now removed. It's louder than hell. No, actually, it's even louder than that.. :-)

My choices appear to be:

- Leave it out and be louder than hell.

- Put it back in and have the bike feel like my

old KLX300R

- Get an insert. I only know of the Vortip and

the Thumper.

- I had a Thumper in my KLX and it was fine.

So, has Anyone done testing? Someone have access

to a dyno?

And, one really big dumb question: Is the spark arrester still in my stock exhaust can after removing the insert or does the insert contain the arrestor? I have looked at the insert, and there's a lot to it, but I don't know what a spark arrestor looks like.




Flash a light up the tailpipe now that your insert is out. If it is the same as a 01, you will see the screens of the spark arrestor up in there. It is an approximately 6" x 1.5" diameter tube with screens welded around it.

You can solve your power issues with a White Bros E-Series Exhaust. You will have to spend a few hours in the Gym to get the arms ready to hang on though.....

Our whole group (YZ/WR's 400/426's) are running the E's and are very happy with the low end grunt and added power.

Bonzai :)

yamakaze how many disks do you run.

You can add one more option to the silencer list. Baja Designs has one on their web site. But, I called them and they had no dyno results

and they are now out of stock and looking for

a new fabricator to produce them. What I wonder

is does anyone have any dyno tests on any of this stuff and how do they compare to the Whit Bros. E



You can make a custom insert that more or less redirects the sound to the ground. The ground will absorb the energy and will be less offensive. Just use a 90 degree automotive exhaust piece from the local autoparts store. Sorry, I don't know what size to buy.

Not to worry, once you start understanding what changes you can do to the carb, the power will be there. The exhuast is only one perforamnce piece.

Good luck with your WR!

the E-series are also very loud, but admittedly probably the best pipe out there.

Hey fellas, I rode a new WR250f this weekend that had the Baja Designs turn down tip on it. Looked kind of funky but it flowed well and the sound pointed at the ground made a huge difference compared to my stock 426! While riding it the sound is much more quiet than other uncorked stock units I have been around. Dyno's schmino's these things have power to spare the BD tip works..nuff said. Jason


Thanks for all the tips. I just consumated a deal with a TT WR member who had a Vortip insert that was only used a few times. Promised to be just as good as new and it was only $40 to my door. I'm going to try this first. If this doesn't work I'll consider something else.

I have to admit, I really like the look and quality of the stock stainless can on my 02 WR426. It looks very nice compared to most stock bike exhausts.



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