1998 XR600R stock chain # of links ?

Is the stock chain on a 1998 XR600R 110 links or 112 links?


It's 112. 113 if you're putting a paddle on, though.

How do you know that? All the catalogs I have it listed a 110 links?


http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/partslist.aspx?Bike=1299 Sorry, this link is for the 1996. It's the same as the 1998, though.

I had 113 when I went to a 50 tooth. Back to a 48 teeth and I had to drop a link so the axle wasn't so far back. When I still rode with a paddle in the sand on it, a 112 was too close and it would occasionally slap the mud flap behind it. When in doubt, buy a 120 link and cut to fit.

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