rear sprocket wear - 650R

Do you all have pretty good wear on your 650R rear sprocket? I'm on the original sprocket with about 1,000 miles on the bike. Noticing quick wear when bike was new, I bought a chain allignment tool and adjusted so it looked straight. Wear pattern at 1,000 miles doesn't exhibit the typical shark tooth pattern, but a pattern of wear where every other tooth has wear on the side of the tooth. Is this normal?

I know the large displacement thumpers are supposed to be hard on the sprockets and chain but just curious is this was normal. I think I may replace the set at 1500 miles or so. Front sprocket looks like its holding up just fine. Any recommendations on a good rear sprocket that will hold out a little more?



I just changed my original sprockets and chain after almost 2 years use, over 15,000km 50/50 on and off road. It is not that dusty here in the Northwest, so that helps as well as regular chain maintenance.

When you replace, use a steel rear sprocket, this will allow your sprockets and chain to last longer.

My thought on the subject...Ironman sprockets..:worthy:


i was very impressed with the wear on the stock set... i am replacing an aftermarket set with another and might try the iron man. my second set isn't really worn i just don't like the gearing that i chose.

Biggest problem i have found is keeping the rear sprocket bolts tight. Got rid of the standard ones and replaced them with high tensile ones + lock nuts and lock washers and they still work themselves loose. I've done about 5,000 k's with the original sprocket. No problem.

You might want to look up..."Rockymountainatvmc" on the computer. They have cheap steel sprockets along with a lot of other cheap stuff. I think the fronts cost $7.99 and I forget the rears but they are made by primary drive. Mine have lasted me over two thousand miles now and still hardly no wear, and that is with a new chain also and they are $50 for x-ring. Good luck with yours.

Did some digging on the net and it appears that wear on the sides is a misalligned rear wheel. Those adjustment marks on each side appear to be a bit off, the reason I decided to use the chain alignment tool. Do you guys just align using those little hack marks on the swing arm? Any other tips or tricks on getting that rear wheel straight?

My RK chain and sprockets have over 3000 miles and show a lot a wear. I should get 4000- 4500 out of them.

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