rear tire for 650l

:worthy: hello all, im looking into buying a new rear tire for my 650l. my top choices so for are dunlop 606, kenda 270, pirreli mt 21. i know the original tire size is 4.60-18. all the info i can find on the tires i want do not have that size. am i missing something or should i be running a different size anyways. thanks.

The Stock Sizes Are 3.00-21 Ft. And 4.60-18 Rr. This Should Equal To 90/90- 21 Ft. And 120/80-18 Rr. Of Course You Can Go Bigger At The Rear.i've Heard Of 140/80 At The Back With No Problems.

A 140/80 fits easily. The chain guard will rub the tire in a crosswind, but once it's worn off it doesn't wear any more.

Have you looked into a Teraflex? They're massive and are DOT.


I have been ruuning a 130/100-18 dunlop 606 with good results (2000 miles per tire 40% highway). would consider trying the terraflex in same or similar size though! Welcome to thumpertalk. You can see the terraflex at

those teraflex look great for off road. im running about 50/50 on/off right now with a few long pavement rides. thanks for the link to tera flex. any other recomendations on brand and size?

I have a Kenda 270 rear with about 2,500 miles on it - mostly road miles. It's got a lot of life left. Lately I've been going off road a lot. A real lot and I wish I had a more aggressive tire. The Kenda just wont wear out. I will run it the rest of the winter and maybe in the spring I'll replace it, even though it wont be necessary.

I'm thinking of trying the Bridgstone ED78

perreli 140/80/18 wears like iron pretty good offroad too.

I run the Kenda's and have found the rear to give lots of traction. Cheap too. Not really sold on the front tire (90% of my riding is off road and would like to try something more aggressive) I'll try something else when it finally wears out. On the road their a little sketchy (in the rain) but if you're whipping through corners you should 'motard' it.

I've been running Pirelli Rallycross for several years. I recently cheaped out and put a Kenda on and got two good off road rides out of it before the knobs started coming off in 1/2" sized chunks. I've gone back to the Pirelli. They wear great and have a good knob pattern for most riding conditions. Little noisy on the road but that is the only drawback I've found. Love them front and rear.

Almost forgot, you can put a 510 on there with no problem.

thanks guys, i am going with the 606, just gunna keep trying tires until i find one i like.

go with the dunlop 606.the kendas wear out to quick on this bike and so do the pirellis.i know ive tried all 3.

140/80 18 conti tkc

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